kareem's Forest Puliyamkulam Parappa Kasargod Kerala India | The only man made forest in the kerala

The only man-made forest in the Kerala Kareem Forest park is spread over 32 acres of land. The park is situated at Puliyamkulam, near Parappa which is 23 km away east of kanhangad town. Kareem, a native of Kasaragod, is behind this great green venture. The forest park is located in Parappa near Nileshwar and is a remarkable example for forest conservation. Similar to any other natural forest Kareem’s forest park is rich with a variety of plants and shrubs. It also gives shelter to innumerable species of birds, small wild animals and medicinal plants. The forest is frequented by people from different walks of life, environmentalists, scientists, university and Ayurveda students, and laymen for practical experience and study purpose. Mr. Kareem is also multiplying and distributing the seeds and saplings of forest trees and medicinal plants to convert the waste lands into thick forests which in turn will rejuvenate the earth.